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Artist: Common Rider Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Last Wave Rockers
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see you sitting there
Looking just a little like me
and We're both too proud to say anything real
Things are bad, but when you ask me if it's all over,
Don't you know how I feel?

I remeber back at BHS,
Killing time on the courtyard steps
Thinking we were rebels but the world was unimpressed
It was just so easy to love you,
The way you laughed at all my best defenses
Made the world's most convincing actor
Come back to his natural senses

We ain't got much, but we got each other,
And I can see that's all that I wanted all along

We were born in a minefield
In a world that's spinning like a roulette wheel,
Where everybody is so scared but they can't slow down
You were the first good thing I let myself in
And if I ever made you doubt I love you,
Let me tell you what a fool I've been


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