Common Rider - Walk Down the River Lyrics

Artist: Common Rider Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Last Wave Rockers
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Walk down the river don't stop now keep on walking
Walk down the river 'till you make it to the bright blue sea

This is what she said to me whispered in my ear
A man by the river is a man without fear
One step forward, two steps back keep stepping
Put your foot forward 'cause you're on the right track


Walked two days and the ground got hot
by the first turn I could hear gunshots
staggered in the weeds like a fool in the bush
choked in the dirt and a voice said "push"
Lost my way five times in the rain
went three miles for the inches that I gained
kids threw rocks and the cars slowed down
people yelled from the window "fool turn around!"


Buildings leaning over trying to break my back
Sky wants to simmer and the Earth wants to crack
let me tell you something, I can hear the sea calling
so I just move it out like a baby crawling


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