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Artist: Conception Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Parallel Minds
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preaciers and bishops
who say that
heaven heals
but what rites would
give you salvation
if they 've assigned
your way
who'd think, who'd
find, who'd change
I leave belief to
Those who indulge
in words

Let my dreams unfurl
leave my pure desire

I have no god
to rely on
'cause I am all I need
compared to a life in
I do prefer my sins
I seek, may find,
may change
I feel no guilt

No confession will
ever reach my lips

Let my dreams unfurl
leave my pure desire

I'll temper justice
for mercy
'cause they are blind
to see
that god's the power
within me
the power to prevail
belief, betrayal, be true
belief, betrayal, be true
I'm no one's god-
damn prodigal son

Let my dreams unfurl
leave my pure desire
this is my decision

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