Conception Silver Shine Lyrics

Artist: Conception
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the rain
trying to expel
the look on her face
the night we met
somewhere in the
I hear the sound
of drums
like thunder
rolling with my
taking me back

To where I died
a lifetime ago
her bagging eyes
with silver shine

Remember her tears
like yesterday's rain
couldn't wipe
them away
a face in the crowd
my sister though
I see cleary now
the lies we shared

We'll never die
always be strong
encouraged by
the silver shine

It's stange
how dimness
can unveil
I never really knew her
but in my cage
of memories
she crumbles on
and on

I stride through
the rain
trying to expel
the look on her face
forget her name

But where I died
is where I belong
her bagging eyes
about to cry
our faith is strong
we'll live on lies
on memories of
silver shine

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