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Album: Track 5 on Conclusion
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A declaration of independence,
The other person has cleared.
Understand the perspective, get the directive,
And realise our fears.
We're simply trying to connect nowadays,
But does anybody want to know?
I'm finding it hard, putting feelings into words,
Another chapter remains unwrote.
Terrywaite's smile inspires millions and in Russia
Yeltsin replaces Gorbachev, In Yugoslavia civil war
Rages, Robert Maxwell makes the biggest splash and
The I.R.A. bomb downing street.
Conflict after conflict.
Now it's just the bare bones of what we are.
A vicious circle in an open ended struggle.
Life goes on as if all around is not relevant,
As we look through closed etes we try and understand.
If we had a view what would it show?
We're stuck in a room that has no view,
And so are you,
Or are you?
Well are you

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