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Writer(s) : JERWOOD, COLIN
Artist: Conflict Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on The Ungovernable Force
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Up rose a movement titled C.R.A.S.S.
Who spoke of anarchy and freedom putting power to the test?
A caring group of people who worked outside the system
Aiming for liberty and peace using passive resistance

They took on a larger battle challenging all the rights and wrongs
The state, sexism, war, religion. Love and hope spread from their songs
Punk is dead - now refuse to be led
Fight wars - not wars - oppose all power they said

They questioned institutions, reputations, the class systems
Destroying power not people, but also rejecting revolution
They never set out to profit from another
The music took a backseat so the message got louder

Unity, respect don't contaminate our earth
Is what was screamed at leaders in asylum, morals, values, what's it worth?
Those who couldn't take it tried to stop them with violence
They refused to play their game, and watched the political minds subsidence

Attempts failed feebly to create divisions in the movement
For it was real, unmarketable, not the bullshit we were used to
Yes we still have their ****ed system, regulations, laws and threats
Whose fault is that? Not theirs! They're still doing their bit, are you?

People don't climb on the pedestal; they are pushed there
Questions developing leadership
When you know what's being said is right, why do you need proof?
For **** sake, why can't you understand what they are saying?

The **** we get, the **** we get

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