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Artist: Conflict Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Conclusion
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I have slept so long, for so long.
There lies my regret, sighing and greiving.
Had I known I could tremble so,
What now I know.
I would never have shown my soul.
Leaping, like an eager flame.
After all who is to blame?
There lies my regret, shining and greiving.
And as this evening falls,
To close, for closed eyes.
Take that backward glance,
And see, see what lies behind.
Recall the time when all the world,
Just seemed to recline,
Within our hands and was washed away,
Like teh fleeting summer rain.
Gentle memories of our finest day,
Can we ever hope to regain?
The innocence of youth.
The sordid truth.
Our visions turn sour.
All colours change to grey.
Goodbye my tender dreams.
Is there a better day?
To live on in hearts, is never to die.

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