Conflict Meat Means Murder Lyrics

Artist: Conflict
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The factoryis churning out all processed packed and neat
An obscure butchered substance and the label reads MEAT
Hidden Behind False Nomes Such as Pork, Ham, Veal, and Beef
An eyes an eye, a lifes a life, The now Forgotten belief
And everyday production lines are feeding out this farce
To end up on a table then shot out of an arce

Yet still they'er queuing and still they'er viewing
Sawing out limbs just right for stewing
Carcasses piled up in a heap
Sort juicy chunks from freezers deep
Well can't you see that juice is blood
From new born throuts red rivers flood
Blood form young hearts, blood from the veins
Your blood there blood serves the same

Now your at the table, sitting, grinning
Sitting there eating you never relise the filling
Its served upon a sterile plate you dont think of killing
The furthest your brain takes you, is it for frying or for grilling?
You moan about the seal cull, about the whale slaugheter
But does it really matter wheather it lives on land or water?
You've never had a fur coat, you think is crule to the mink
Well How about the cow, pig or sheep dont they make you think?
Since the day that you were born you've never been told the missing link

Yet still there queuing and still there viewing
Sawing out limbs just right for stewing
Carcass piled up in a heep
Sort juicy chunks from freezers deep
Well cant you see the juice is blood
From new throats red rivers flood
YOUR BLOOD, THERE BLOOD, serves the same.