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Album: Track 4 on Conclusion
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Safe as sound
What am I talking about?
Of course, it's not safe
Look at what corporate gain is doing
To our children, and our sanity?
Insanity !
Sanitary, insanitary
Am I left fit to believe?
Am I left fit?
Fit for what? What for? For who?
Who gains?
Weight gains?
Weight Watchers?
Watching what? Watching who?
Who's watching?
No more questions.
Wanting existence, wanting a distance.
Wanting existence, wanting to exist.
Before the thinking,
The sun kills alone,
After the thought.
If this is how you see it,
You have to make it known.
If this is how you free it,
You have to make it known.
This is how you see it, you have to make it known.
This is not too serious, to have to make it known.
S ick
A fter
C hoosing
C arelessly
H ealth
A ids
R eplacement
I nstead of
N othing
C hildren's
A ddictions
U nderstand
S ensless
E xit
S elling
C heap
A ffordable
N onsense
C limate
E ffect
R eversed
Wanting a distance.
Wating existence.
I want my distance
I want to exist
As safe as sound.

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