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Well I feels like a free train
baby, runnin' out of steam,
I wanna go on down to New York town
but I'm stuck in beetwen,
and I could stay out here at home alone
and have myself to think,
well I just made a billion dollars
and I don't wanna put it in the bank.
so if you'd call (ca-call), we could go to town.

Oh dear mama if you could see me now
here underneath the lights,
it keep on bum from dusk to dawn
and everything's alright.
I met a girl with autumn in her eyes and summer in the wings,
she makes me feel like I was only born today or yesterday.
and if she call (ca-all), we could go to town.

But everybody here hates everything I say
hey girl I just don't know if I can last another day
so I guess I'm going back, back where I belong,
I hope you come along before I get back on that train that takes me
straight from New York City to the things I left behind.
no I ain't got no money
girl, I'll always have the time
but I wish that you would hurry,
I hope you get here soon
cause I just sold the sky and the sun
so I could buy for you the moon.
and if you call (ca-call), we could go to town.

Oh if you call (ca-call)
yeah if you call (ca-call)
girl, if you call (ca-call)
we could go to town.

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