Opposite Lyrics


album: Track 5 in album Mud Angels
release date: 1994
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length: 2:09
The ruling factor between us both,
You couldn't understand
My hopes and dreams,
I couldn't understand
Your rules and regulations.
The years went by, we never talked,
So opposite, so much the same.
Like father, like son,
Like cat and dog.
We needed to learn what it
Means to love.
Then I left to find myself,
While you stayed at home
And paced the floors.
Little did we know we would both
Find the truth
That would change our lives.
And now i look back,
I understand
Your hurts and pain
Your doubts and fear.
And I now look back,
I can understand
What happened to you,
What happened to me.
And when I look back
I can understand
The solution and the mystery.
The years go by, our past forgiven,
Things have changed so dractically.
When I come home for a visit
We can share our hopes and dreams.
You buy my albums
And I listen to you,
So opposite, so much the same.
Like father, like son,
Like you and me,
We have learned what it
Means to love.

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