We Some Playaz Lyrics

Crime Mob

publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Jonathan Lewis, Alphonce Tyree Smith, Venetia Lewis, Brittany Carpentero, C Henderson
album: Track 10 in album Hated on Mostly
release date: 2007-3-20
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length: 4:23

Cover Art

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We some playaz, we some playaz,
We some playaz, we some playaz,
We some playaz, we some playaz,
We some playaz,
Repeat 2x
We some playaz,(*****)
We some playaz,(hoe)
We some playaz,(*****)
We some playaz,(get it right 'cause we)
We some playaz

(Lil JAY)
Lil ***** I got dem Hands,
And got dammit I fear no man,
You can tell by da way I walk,
N da way I talk, ill beat yo ***
And you can check da set I claim,
East side ***** where I hang
Dem *****z there think we lame,
But shawty round here we don't play no games,
'cause ***** we be some playaz,
Representin ellenwood da cater,
Fresh wit dem gators,
Yo ***** chose me n I'm gon take her,
Soon as I walk through da door,
Ya already kno a ***** like me,
Fresh head ta toe,
**** ya ain't neva seen these befo,
Country playa type *****,
Stackin g's in mo!

I'm a pimp by blood playa by nature,
Keep ya man close or I might take him,
Wat he say he won't do I bet ill make him,
And have him spendin money on me till I break him,
You can't say no to this chick ***** please,
Look in my eyes baby tell me wat you see,
No love for these nothin *** *****s ima G,
Just tell 'em wat dey wanna hear,
To get wut I need,
I came into da world,
All fresh,wanna get it,
I'm princess yes,
N I'm all about the benjamins,
Pockets stay fat,
Thighs super thick,
Got the body of a goddess,
Bow down to me quick,
Come here big daddy,
Let me tell you wut it is,
Kiss my pinky ring,
And I'll have you doin dumb ****,
Get pimp slapped quick,
If you try to cross the line,
Go out and get my money ***** don't waste time!

Repeat Chrous

I be C.Y.C.O.B.L.A.C n I puts it down 'cause shawty ima g,
Never give a **** about anotha muthafuka,
'cause I be muthafuka screamin m.o.b,
Everyday that's all I preach,
Get money ***** that's all I kno,
Promp in the drop if you didn't kno that ****
Then my ***** you already sho
And if it fa sho I get that playa,
Straight on dat cater that is my city,
Showin no pitty for no ***** man *****,
'cause right now choppa is ons like killa,
And I'm dead *** fa realla,
All about scrilla gorilla da game,
I get it in many wayz,
I'm all about bread ***** **** bein lame!

Oh **** gah damnit mutha fuka,
When I step through da door,
You mutha fukas don't wanna get no mo,
Ima mutha fukin pimp,
Ima mutha fukin meck,
I'm the mutha fukin ****,
So you already kno,
That I'm stackin my doe,
I'm bout paper mane,
My evryday hustle's my master plan,
And yo man I will take him,
And date him and break him,
And make him fall wet in baskets,
Get a couple hundred grand in my pocket,
Go shoppin,set stoppin,show stoppin,
'cause I am that *****,
All these other *****s,
Wishin they could **** with,
Get rich,pimp ****,boss ***** that's me,
Givin to the rich folk
Lookin wealthy,
Now I got a car n crib,
It ain't hard to see,
Got plenty pimpin sissys
Ain't feelin guilty,
A mutha fukin playa,
That's who I be!


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