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Album: Track 11 on The Morrigan's Call
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The spiritual rape
Jehova's mind pollution
But nocturnal possession it breathes in me
It's true love
It feels like I'm alive
I search for joy
There shall never be another dawn
I have become the beast - The freedom of your soul
This God of "light" - I will crush in the night

My charm strikes upon you
Fulfill your fate - Go against your God
The night is here
It's breathing deep in you
Feel the rush!
You're in demon hands
Cleansed from the filth
A slave to the power of blood and death
Fight for pleasure and victory will come

Yeah - The "light" has raped your soul
Retribution through my world within
The militia of death
It starts to rise - Ready to explode
Kill "yourself" and come with me
I've got the cure
The power to eras your God
- Erase your God!

I have sterilized the cross
The violation of "his" dream
And I have darkified the souls of purity
This mercyful death - The neverending harmony
Your eyes glow so red
And slowly you accept what you have become
The hunger of evil - The instinct of our glory
this society of Christ brings out the Devil in us

Now you've ripped the angels above
Created your own world within
Spark of death
It starts to rise - Ready to explode
You killed "yourself" - You came with me
together we shall burn what's left of...

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