Cry of the Afflicted - An Opal In The Shale Lyrics

Artist: Cry of the Afflicted Lyrics
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Grip my hand, child in the ashes, I'll take you to a safer place Freedom is assured, you will find comfort there In sanctuary you will be secure Rest in the stillnes now, the storm casters will pass into memory Now the guilty will die, at their own behest Falling on the knife they've tapered from the moment of conception Expelling of the sadness begins with the fall of the horde A savage ruin Withdraw with me to the open gates of the citadel The gates are opened for the first time in this age Nameless child, we have survived We live to see the green of the distant valley Can we hope that this is truly the end? If they return, they'll not be welcomed here The ruination of the land will be remembered The ashes will give way to new life

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