Cry of the Afflicted Lift the Veil Lyrics

Artist: Cry of the Afflicted
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Length: 4:02

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Our perception, so limited and so restrained A symptom of our condition Mass confusion, the evidence of staring blind A symptom of our condition But we're ready to face illusion Ready to survey dark vistas Where forgotten realities have come to the surface New details, inner workings of the machine Ours to discover Lift the veil, give us focus, a view flawless, we're so naive Lift the veil, the faint shading of the world that we perceive Steady, we won't shy away Steady, as we face the unveiling Where we see everything anew enhanced by a new light Mask lifted from the face of the world we knew It's all coming clearer Have we always viewed our world sub-dued? Out of focus? Have we always looked through broken lenses? Have we let ourselves be convinced that our privilege is justified, ours by right?