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Artist: Cry of the Afflicted Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on The Unveiling
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Right now you can't see the end
Soak in the midst of turmoil
Resigned to shrink away
Content to retreat
Content to hide in your safe place
Protest the loss
And mourn the casualties
Look at the wreckage
And understand what it means

When the walls collapse
Your will to fight has been surpassed
You're on your knees again
Sift through the layers
The shattered remains of your broken dreams
The life you once longed for

Face up to devastation
Ignore the urge to hide
Seek revelation
Inspired in all the anguish
Recount the cost
Knowledge through suffering
No easy lessons
Are learned when you cross the valley

Draw out a hard line
You've got to follow the hard line
A marker that shows the way,
and through this
Draw out a hard line
A future that can't be seen from
where you are

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