Curren$y Audio Dope 4 Lyrics

Artist: Curren$y
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[Verse 1: Currensy]
Parking lot littered with super cars
Guest list musicians
Model bitches coke dealing
Soul glitter
Nose sniffles
Audio dope
Docking the boat
Anchor and chain
Solid gold rope
Double dutch honeys in a two seater dune buggy
Runnin’ from me
Run this money
And I dont think you from here dunny
Your weed smell funny
Your clothes too bummy
Them hoes too ugly
Meek told you there’s levels to it
Buy it right the first time
Don’t go back and add a bezel to it
I was listening when Jay said it
So when I got paid I’ve been the same way
David Blaine blessed me baby angels
Diamond wings lift me over the games dangers
They don’t invite me to they rap awards
It’s all good
I dont wanna smoke my gas with ya’ll
Interior leather
The texture of a basketball
In that 87′
93 octane in the air and in the tank of the 87′
Highway to heaven

[Outro x3: Currensy]
Money on my mind
Money on the line
Think about payin’ me
Make it on time
Scrape it into the shape
All straight lines
Don’t overdose
Dope audio
Audio dope
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