Curren$y - Michael Knight (Remix) Lyrics

Artist: Curren$y Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Pilot Talk II
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I got a style for every face
****** upon a judge
Open this shut case
You know I'm until I die
Though I made an exception for the 69
So quick off the line
Called the double side
No matter what
We're heads up
We're in
Tell your dogs
They should be aware of us
We break it off like an engagement gone bad
I see your Jacuzzi with your
Make it a that. Miss me?
No you didn't, *****
Cut that bullshit
Miss me?
Try to , spitting name trying to be
Miss me?
All of that to me
You won't even rhyme
My side you wish to be
Hope you'll catch me sleeping
By being freaky
But baby girl let me be the first to say
It's not that easy
I wasn't born yesterday
No later on that evening
Just had to get that out of the way
Make the plan even

Michael Knight

The view from the
Ain't improve
But I've yet seen a team ****ing with the crew
Me and have saw it all
Wide frame
Everything this ain't a plan
Don't get rolled up like windows
Avoid the police man don't call those dogs
Ain't change
And I'm not mad
Garbage rappers need to find a style fast
Bring it all over ******s like a
Survive the flame
Kept these plants growing in desert sand
Alive I stand
Never a ****** did die. I got so high up
So I can autograph the sky

Michel Knight

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