Cutting Crew - Life in a Dangerous Time Lyrics

Writer(s) : EEDE
Artist: Cutting Crew Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Broadcast
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Put it down to the fighting
Put it down to the fools who play in the game
I'm picking up second sight
I'm picking up tired ways

But you better believe it
Oh you better believe before it's too late
I'm feeling like letting go
Of living in a dangerous time

It must've been lonely, it must've been cold
It must've been something
Life in a dangerous time
Is there life in a dangerous time?

Coming out of the shadows
Coming out of the darkness into the light
It's bright enough to show the way
Enough to face another day

It's a curious feeling
It's a feeling of reaching up to the sky
I'll never think of letting go
Of living in a dangerous time

It must've been lonely...

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