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Artist: Cyndi Lauper Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Bring Ya to the Brink
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Woke up to the clock
What knob makes it stop
Time to be aware
Time to just be there
You go, go , go, go,
I go, go , go, go,
Conversations rare
Trail off in the air
Echo, echo, home, home

All that rolls our way
Wheels that time will play
Happiness grows back
Heartache leaves a scratch
You go, go, go,go,
I go, go, go , go
Everyplace I go
Never told you so
Echo, echo, home, home

All of my days, all of my life
Standing by you
All of my days, all of my life
I will find you
All of my days, all of my life
Standing by you
All of my days all of my life
Landing next to you

When you're on the top
Notice what you've got
I will be your frail
When your on the trail
You go, go, go, go
I go, go, go, go
Everything you know
Everywhere you go
Echo, echo, home, home

[Chorus: x2]

I go back back back
You go from the top
Once till we drop
Never like to stop

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