Cyndi Lauper - Fall Into Your Dreams Lyrics

Artist: Cyndi Lauper Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Sisters of Avalon
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Little baby, on my shoulder
I could fall into your dreams...
Wrap myself up, all around you
Till you don't know what it means.

Don't lie shrugging your shoulders now like I shouldn't stare.
Don't sigh so deep.
Are you the kind of man that I hoped you would or wouldn't be?

Maybe baby's gone to sleep...
Maybe baby's gone to sleep.

Pull myself a little closer,
I could feel your body breath
Hear the pulsing of my heartbeat
Rhyming rhythms endlessly.

If I could catch three wishes from a falling star,
One I would keep...
And two I would put on your pillow with a lullaby...
Maybe baby's gone to sleep
Maybe baby's gone...

Hold on to a thought at the end of the day...
Someday we'll be watching the clouds as they're drifting away.
And you might think about leaving but I'll always stay.

Little baby on my shoulder,
I could fall into your dreams
Wrap yourself up all around me
Till you don't know what it means...
I could fall into your dreams...
I could fall into your dreams...
Maybe baby's gone to sleep...

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