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Artist: D'angelo Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Voodoo
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Steal you wit my 2 shot
Control you wit my drop
Blaze you wit my handle
Bless you wit my pops
Play you like a pro
And take over the show
Stick you and defeat you
Rob you of your glow
Rob you of your glow

Bring the drama playa
Give me all you got
Make your move
Shoot your best shot
I see right through your riddle
Slip right past the block
Set you up for 2
Shoot your best shot
Shoot your best shot

We're the playas number one
We're the playas number one
We're the playas number one

Playa playa play me
We dying 2 set it off
Marlon, slick and weasel
Can hardly wait two ball
My groove is tight drummers
Drumming right
Dirts our secret weapon
Each and every night
Each and every night

We came here to rip ****
Strip you of your clout
Later 4 all y' all haters
We gon' turn this motha' out
If you came to ball you gonna lose it all
We don' t plan 2 stop
Til you bounce off the wall
Til you bouncing off the wall


We're the playas number one [repeat: x9]

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