D'angelo - Spanish Joint Lyrics

Artist: D'angelo Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Voodoo
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Whenever it rains I feel this way
A little something to get me through this
Give me a little that, no time flat
Gonna be a good thing

Serene but in need of feeling free
Letting go and landing on my feet
Brushed the dirt off my back no time flat
Gonna be a good thing

Well people believe this saying is true
Whatever will be will forever do
Whatever the cost I'll pay in full
I ain't got nothing to do with you

Gotta get out gotta get out of here
I'm in the dark, and the light looks sincere
Brushed the dirt off my back no time flat
Gonna be a good thing

All you do is complain about your pain
And the cloud that follows you won't cease to rain
Don't look back handle that
Make it into a good thing

Something up in me gotta be
Sole controller in control of me
A link in your chain, just won't do
I don't want nothin' 2 do with you

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