D'Sound - Ain't Giving Up Lyrics

Artist: D'Sound Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Beauty Is a Blessing
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ain't giving up

Mother, mother where's the nice and warm?
Try to hide that my face is torn
in the evening heavy thoughts are born

- will there be no dawn?

Baby girl doesn't want to grow
Call you up before the late night show
Mother tell me I don't have to go

- will there be no dawn?

Ain't giving up
just sleeping in
I'm to soft to be broken
I know there is a will
that's yet to be awoken
Ask me how I feel
I say I'll be OK

But it hurts so bad when it hurts so bad
And it makes me mad when it hurts so bad

Going crazy over little stuff
Having everything but not enough
everybody's saying "you're so tough"

- will there be no dawn?

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