D'Sound - Dancing Into The Moonlight Lyrics

Artist: D'Sound Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Doublehearted
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Dancing into the moonlight
Another magic day
I wake up in dreams
And when I turn around
You lay right beside me
I smile at everyone
I laugh like a child
And let the hours run
Cause I know we will be
Dancing into the moonlight
Waking up in the sunshine
Making love for the first time
Knowing that you are just mine
You touch me with your eyes
You enter my soul
You bring me back to life
And it feels so easy
I hardly ever dare
To render control
And now I just don't care
Cause I know we will be
I love to stroll, holding your hand
And bury my feet in the sand
Are you my destiny
The fireflies starting a flame
The wawes are all saying your name
I need this to be true

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