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Artist: D-A-D Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Soft Dogs
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Sometimes in my parents house
In which I came to exist
The alert like look in their eyes
Still nothing was said
Yeah, the big and scary unknown
I didn't dare, even guess
Some day calls out for me to be alone
To fly where the other days has flown
Out there, out there
To find a thought that wasn't thought upon
To go where the other days has gone
Out there, out there
Out there, out there

When everyone agrees with you
But, you know you're wrong
When everyone embraces you
But, you know you don't belong
Still feel the shadow behind
Even when the sun is gone
Some day calls out for me

Yeah, I look in the mirror
Yeah, I look in the mirror
But, the mirror is bare
I look for my mouth
But, my mouth isn't there!
I go to the window
I want to shout
But, below my nose
Nothing comes out
I'll never ever whistle
And there's no one to kiss
What I'll eventually say
No one will miss

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