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Artist: D.I. Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Tragedy Again
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It reeks of the games you play
You're buffered safe in your yuppie ways
Airhead cvictim of the concrete maze
You're nothing, you're nothing
You're nothing to me

You need a slap
So yeah, take that
Yeah, yeah slap
So take that...

Wondering what goes on in your mind
You'll get yours, it's just a matter of time, of time
Girls like you, you make me sick
What you need is a nice quick...
Crack of the whip

[2nd Bridge]
So here's nick
Yeah, you need a slap
Yeah, so take that
Yeah, yeah slap

So hard to understand your kind
You backstabbing social butterfly
Daddy's rich girl, you bum me out
It makes me sick to think...
I even asked you

[Repeat bridge,chorus,and 2nd bridge]

A slap...Here's Nick!
Yeah, so take that
Yeah, you need a slap
You need a slap

[Repeat chorus]

What you need is a nice...
Rubber room and a straight jacket
So here's Nick
Yeah, you need a slap
Yeah, yeah slap

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