D.R.I. - You Say I'm Scum Lyrics

Artist: D.R.I. Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Thrash Zone
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As loud as i please
I want to grow my hair
Down to my knees
I won't get a job
And be punching your clock
Won't be another number
In you lay off slot

You say I'm scum <i>[8]

I want a house with a white picket fence
Don't look at me like i make no sence
He says I'm dumb
She says I'm scum

You say I'm scum <i>[6]

You flew right by me
In your Porsche today
Hand me my skateboard
And I'll make my way
Who are you to tell me
I'm not right
You had your nose to the mirror
All last night

You say I'm scum <i>[4]

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