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Artist: D.I. Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Ancient Artifacts
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so you want to be a member want to be a name
want to be a local face want to play the game
dancing through a time warp in your dinosaur trends
the limits of your mind are where the county line ends...
listen to the media present it as a fact
fall in your orders 'cause you don't know how to act
travel on estranged 'cause you don't know your own way
they'll get you in the end then you'll pay
'cause o.c. life is not the life for me
stupid little girls
oppressed society
o.c. life is not the life for me
pressures on your backs so you want to be remembered
want to have some fame
fighting to stay ahead a part of the game
common authority but don't get out of line
or they'll put you in the slammer you'll be doing some time
74 tattoed on my head i find myself labeled as a victim instead i fight all the rules i don't see the way
i'd rather be dead then pay the price that they say
'cause o.c. life is not the life for me
stupid little girls and egotistic fads
o.c. life is not the life for free
pressures on you back it'a all a bunch of crap
put the plastic right inside the machine

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