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Artist: D.I. Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Ancient Artifacts
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it's the american way it's the thing to do i can take anything i want the right to choose is always mine i'm counting on you to stand up and strike them down i'm counting on you, stand up... you see they walk the streets they kill for fun but sometimes i feel i'm the only one the only one i'm counting on you to stand up and strike them down stand up... it's okay to die no, no! strike force, allied weapons... i've got the new catalog, it's got all the neat new guns we can trade 'em to you for all kinds of stuff we'll get some weed or some feds get some sheets and we can get some stuff we can trade you all kinds of fire power let them fight our wars for us so we won't see the state blow up cuz you really think this game's all said no, let them all do it there so we don't have to sweat sweat

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