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Album: Track 3 on D12 World
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I want to be just like
When I grow up. Just like
I want to be just like
When I grow up. Just like
I want to be just like
When I grow up. Just like
I want to be just like
When I grow up. Just like

Son, you don't want to be just like your daddy.
Pimping hoes out here driving caddies.
Running round town, ****ing geezers.
Shot's in your ***, catching diseases.
Son, your daddy got a foul mouth.
For ****ing *****es in they foul mouth.
I can't help it, my group's D12.
All we do is pop pills and stay in jail.
Talking nasty ****, Bizarre won't stop.
I **** two twins, with a midget on top.
A sick mind, raping an old lady.
Knowing damn well Bizarre shouldn't have a baby,
All I can teach you, learn how to mac.
Smoke crack, smack a ***** when she talk back.
Matter fact slap her until she's a slut.
Don't you realize Bizarre don't give a ****?


Don't go to school, become a catholic priest.
Sell crack to your auntie Denise.
If auntie Denise is short 40 cent
Make her get on the ground and suck some more ****.
Nas is probably gon hate me.
When Mos Def hear this he probably gon suffocate me.
Why they let Bizarre rap on Hi-Tek track?
All he gon do is talk about whores and smoking crack.
If your wife is pregnant I call her a whore.
Leave her no money and go out on tour.
Nah, I'm playing leave her something.
I pack a hot dog and a ****ing dirty muffin. (Damn)
You're my son, I'm trynna teach you something.
You're eight years old? It's time to start ****ing.
You know daddy won't give you the wrong advice.
Smoke weed and listen to Obie Trice.

[Chorus: x2]

I'm telling ya all I do is pop pills and stay high.
Tell them *****es to suck my ****.
Aha! I'm prepared. Yeah.
**********ing role model.

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