DJ Sammy - Rise Again Lyrics

Artist: DJ Sammy Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on The Rise
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I've been taught
In the name of life
What a thrill
Like a steely knife
It hit my face
See it left without a trace

Life's been short
In the name of love
Paid my bills
Just to rise above secret hills

There's been awful pain all through this race
I've made it to a peaceful place
I know I will make it again
See my consciousness is bright and clear
I'm standing tall and have no fear at all
See me standing tall and have no fear at all

Take away my pride
I will rise again
Though it seems so hard I know
You will see me again
Seasons come and go
I will rise again
Deep inside I know
I'll be back again
I'll be back again
I'll be back again

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