Daan - Flash Gordon Lyrics

Artist: Daan Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Profools
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flash gordon on a lightstick with the guns hanging lowflash gordon with a nice prick and the power to go
flash gordon sighting 'neath the cut of a wood
flash gordon on a lightning 'neath the train that is stood
now the train that it stook, yeah, the pain that it took
flower to the land, all the pain that it mook
all the thoughts that it would
flash gordon in the nigh airbag done city wrongs and strikking cows
flash gordon with a power string, he don't live that life
he don't need a life again, always sunning up the morning
flash gordon on a lightstring with the powers above
flash gordon with the lights up above
flash, flash gordon on the lights up above

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