Dag - Our Love Would Be Much Better (If I Gave a Damn About You) Lyrics

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Album: Track 1 on Apartment #635
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Rides from strangers
Yellow snow
You're the thing Mama didn't know
You've taken everything you have
In the end, I just got to laugh
Would I know, would I care
Would I play this truth or dare
Could I spin like a top
And see my future open up
If you freak, can I run
And I'm happy waving bye
But you can't imagine why
Our love would be much better
If I gave a damn
If I gave a damn, about you
Cosmic lines were never crossing
Our relationship was right for tossing
But I was filled up full of pride
Should've known that the damn thing died
Would I need what I got
You can take it all you want
But my life is at hand
Woman, don't you understand
I don't want your guarantee
I don't want you begging please
I just want you out of sight
You're on a roll
Take my soul
Take my mind and eat it whole
Take my money
Take my doubt
That's what you're all about
You been keepin' company with some status folks
And if things is what makes you happy
Then off you go
Take it all, daddy's doll
Stack it up and build a wall
Never shine never mind
Never healing it with time
Melodrama Glam-o-rama
It's a shame it had to end
But I can't imagine why

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