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Artist: Dag Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Apartment #635
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She was a girl that would read your fortune
Like a bad musician she played it all wrong
Never had no rhyme or reason
She'd say your taste is out of season
She's always been to places you haven't gone to yourself
She only seems at home when she is trashing someone else
Forever into books like Secret Ways to Read the Mind
She comes on to you, grabs you collar, looks you in the eye
"I'm gonna make it so good
I'm gonna ruin you
I'm gonna make it so nice baby
I'm gonna ruin you right in two."
Turn on the light now.
Something bad keeps her going
Running her trap while her ass is showing
She had the keys and the secret password
Flooring her mouth while she's thinking backwards.
Well I heard of cases where they couldn't shut her up
Grabbin' it and talking shit like she could fuck you up.
It don't have to be like this

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