Dag Nasty - Going Down Lyrics

Artist: Dag Nasty Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Four on the Floor
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We're going down
Looking around this place man
I've got to get out of here
All those people here are crazy (gonna drive me nuts)
Looking at their race
I never wanted to be in
Where's the door, just get me out of here
We're going down
We're going down and out yeah down and out
Looking at all these cars
Now they're blocking my escape
L.A. Freeway , never free no way
15 miles an hour
The Clash tape up past ten
Ten more minutes and I can breathe again
"Do it right" but how can I?
When I'm not even given the chance
To correct
The mistakes
I've already made
So hard to answer questions
When I don't even know what they are
How can they expect me to try things their way?

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