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Artist: Dag Nasty Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Minority of One
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Incinerate the pictures we once had
I guess it's over with you
Every morning since we met
And every nighttime too
Is how I feel when I hear your name
In my head now
Won't you get it out
Won't you tell me
That you're feeling sad
Won't you tell me so I feel so bad
Tell me tell me
That you cried and cried
But please don't tell me any of your other alibi's

See your face
In my head now
Won't you get it out

See your face
In my head now
Won't you get it out

You know you left me for dead no matter how hard you try
I'll still be standing here bloodied and battered
But I'll be standing tired, dejected but I'll be standing

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