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Artist: Dakona Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Perfect Change
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Had this dream
I was lying on my back on a trampoline
Floating by are the peaches and tangerines
Tempting me but, baby I believe in planting seeds
And I believe that something beautiful's gonna to grow from me

Nothing to win and everything to lose
Standing on the sidewalk my toes are tapping inside my shoes
He asked me when he asked me what, he asked me all about
Do you believe in God, do you believe in . . .

Call it strange or label it a lie, baby either way
I've got a hand to hold and love to show for all of my days
What a scene she's jumping up and down on a trampoline

But she's only going to jump
Gonna reach, gonna fly as high as her disbelief


And I have found my high
and I would rather not be anywhere but here
‘Cause I am human just like you,
but I'm afraid I'm just a stranger here


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