Dakota Moon - So Good for You Lyrics

Writer(s) : Dean, Joseph / Artis, Curtis Ray / Blades, Jack Martin
Artist: Dakota Moon Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on A Place to Land
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When you wake in the middle of the night
Don't you think that you need someone
Lying close, and holding on to you

When you dream what you dream about
When you wish, do you wish upon a star
Well girl, I'm wishing on the same star too.

Suddenly, it occurs to me baby
That you and I, are meant to be together

I'm the man who can make your dreams come true
I'm so good for you
Like the sun I can keep love shining through
I'm so good for you

So what you think 'bout everything your hearing
Is there a place in your heart for me
What can I say, tell me what I need to do

'Bout time that we fell in love
'Bout time I tell you that you're needed
Cause I'm holding this place in my heart for you

You and I, could sing a melody, baby
In sweet harmony, we'll make it last forever and ever and ever


The desert knows it needs the rain
And I know that, I need you
To fill me up with love again
So come and take my hand, and then you'll understand, that


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