Dala - Don't Believe the Actress Lyrics

Artist: Dala Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Who Do You Think You Are
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Well you know that I compare you
To someone I want more
And I can't make you promises
I've broken once before
So take my presence lightly
And listen with your eyes
Don't believe the actress
When she cries
I paint my face each morning
So you can't look right through
And I kiss another microphone
And hope it gets to you
And I know you feel abandoned
Waving to the sky
But don't believe the actress
When she cries
And the girl who cried piano
Is singing to the wolves
She's pressed up in her armor
Her sword is made of wood
And you'll forget you love her
When she forgets her lines
So don't believe the actress
Oh, don't believe the actress
Please, don't believe the actress
When I cry

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