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Artist: Damn Seagulls Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Soul Politics
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i've been an asshole lately
i've been fakin'
i'm only as good as you
i'm just a wandering ghost
lost in the city
do you know the feeling?
without love you're nothing at all
well you're not alone
so wake me up before the last call
i have faith in you
but do you have faith in me?
i just know that..
i gotta stand by my own actions
but i want you by my side
i couldn't stand another rejection
am i ready to walk the line?
let's go ahead now - follow me
we all have a lot to give
and we only have a lifetime to live
24 square meters uptown
and a piano, my only friend
he's there for me without an exception
he's out of tune but i don't care
i get up to the hill to paint a silhouette
of the city of broken hearts
this is my town, these are my streets
i just need a reminder
of everything around me, baby
i could always sell that piano
but i know we need a hit
and i know i gotta learn about soul politics

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