Damn Seagulls - Dirty Soul Radio Lyrics

Artist: Damn Seagulls Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Soul Politics
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so whaddid you do while i was away
did you fight the feeling every night
did you make it through the day
it never crossed your mind that i was afraid
of everything that you said you wouldn't do
but you never had guts to face
please put a coin in and listen to a song
from the jukebox of my soul
you won't believe me but i got to let it all out
from my dirty soul radio
she's turnin' tricks on the highway
she thinks she's on her way to money and fame
baby dontcha look me in the eye
and dontcha make me draw the line
when you're alone and it's cold in the street
remember my name
and do the walk of shame
so come on
come on and let it all out
'cos i'm here to listen

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