Damn Seagulls King of Fools Lyrics

Artist: Damn Seagulls
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i got my window open
i can't get any sleep
cars are crying in the street
'cause the city is sick
a homeless guy carries his whole life
on a bicycle he found from a trashcan
he's wearing every piece of clothing he owns
the whole year 'round
what else can we do
we got to pull through
and howl to the moon
when the times get rough
you got to learn to be tough
and keep on walking
keep on walking
the long walk, long walk
ain't no shortcut for you anywhere
it's a long walk
a long long walk
if you run you won't make it there
he stole his bread from the birds of the park
and his crown from the king of fools
never felt good about it
never felt anything but shame
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