Damn Seagulls - Quality People Lyrics

Artist: Damn Seagulls Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Soul Politics
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this song is for the quality people
who wear a suit and a tie
i'm so tired of quality people
please just go home and cry
hey all you better people
now look what you've done
you bloodsuckers left nothing for me
and you say you make the money go round
high standard of living
high quality car
a beautiful housewife
two kids and a dog
i just don't want to know aboutcha
listen up, here's my confession
i can see some of it in myself
sometimes i feel like i'm under pressure
to be just like everyone else
everything is so easy
everything is so great
you get everything served on a silver plate
you're just makin' me feel so..
oh oh yeah

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