Dan Reed Network - Tiger in a Dress Lyrics

Artist: Dan Reed Network Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Slam
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New Mercedes, who's your victim tonight?
Nobody's baby, woman will cut you - that's rite.
That girl with chew you up, she don't know when to stop
New Mercedes, well who's your victim tonite?

She's a tiger.. Tiger in a dress.

New Mercedes, Be on the look out tonight
Low rider baby, she'll cruise right into your life
That girl will hunt you down, boy you better not be around
New Mercedes, be on the lookout tonite

She's a tiger.. Tiger in a dress.
Takin' on the bad boys baby, and livin' on the wild side
She's a tiger and there's nowhere to hide

Cruisin' through the streets, She's got a hunger
Underneath the sheets, She makes you wish that you were stronger, (a little bit, longer..)

She's a tiger.. Tiger in a dress....

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