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Album: Track 1 on Mixin' It Up: The Best of Dan Reed Network
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DO - YOU WANNA, stay alive, well then
listen to me, it's no jungle jive. I've been
talkin to the people out in the street. It's not
up in your head. Its not down in your feet. It's in your
heart. EVERYBODY, better be strong, because we're
runnin' out of time, so don't take too long. The
world's fallin' down at a rapid rate. I'll tell you
one thing people, better LOVE NOT HATE! It's
obvious what is comin' down, we're
losin' control of every city & town. Don't
talk to me about "not your choice". You're a
man with a mind, & a man with a voice. So let's
speak to the people who run this rock. You
don't say nothin' they will never stop because they're
POWER - HUNGRY fools indeed. They don't
work for the money they work for the greed. It's
not to tough to trust one another. Just
do unto the world as you'd do for your brother.
EVERYBODY listen not just a few because the
world has a heart too.

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