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I'm tired of working every day for a dollar
About to choke on my own blue collar
This ain't gonna last
Misled by the grand illusion
I've come to this conclusion
I can't make a move too fast
It was written in the sky today
By the morning sun it sure looks like a good day to run

Wide open down a two-lane highway
It's about time that some things went my way
Throwing troubles out to the wind and
I'm praying that they never catch up again
I'm gonna say my worrying days are done
And this looks like a good day to run

My baby's been working as a cashier
She didn't get a vacation this past year
Now it won't be long
We don't need no destination
Just a tank of gas and a good clear station
Playing our favorite song
There're some places that we ain't been
Some things we ain't done
And it sure looks like a good day to run


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