Daryl Hall - I Wasn't Born Yesterday Lyrics

Artist: Daryl Hall Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine
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(hall, allen, stewart)

I forgot just how to feel
City scene ain't no big deal
Soul deep so ya say
None of that takes my breath away
Oh I always seem to see
Both sides when they disagree
And neither one seems right
Too much city life
Is messin' with my inner lite
And everybody's too cool to believe

I wasn't born yesterday
You should know by now
So let's set the record straight
And we can carry on
I wasn't born yesterday
I'll find out
I ain't innocent
Lots of room for me to doubt
I never learned to cry

So far so extreme
If I'm jaded, you're naive
But behind that cynic's steady gaze
There's a wide-eyed lover drink for days
Oh I don't want to be
One of those guys who only sees
The joke behind the lie
Too much city life
May I don't know wrong from right
But baby I ain't too cool to believe

I wasn't born yesterday
I don't die for love
Just let the record speak
Then I carry on
I wasn't born yesterday
I don't die for love
It's never too late to come of age
Never too late
Oh I wanna learn to cry

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