Daryl Hall - Love Revelation Lyrics

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Album: Track 3 on Soul Alone
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I've been quiet, never spoke before
About this
Takes a little time to say what
I'm thinking
Let's run down the concept of love
As we know it
I'm only happy when I'm flying
Then you catch me when I'm falling

Freedom what you want
Freedom what I miss
I think about you
I realize
Love revelation
Freedom what you want
Freedom what I choose
What about you?
I realize
Love revelation

Hey, let's sit down and talk it over
'Cause I don't want a ride from
Paradise to pain
Ain't no way I could love you more
Still need that open door
It's so good when I'm flying
Will you catch me when I'm falling?

[Chorus x 2]

My life, shouldn't be hard to live
You know what my weakness is
Make me a little bit stronger
'Cause I can't do it without you
Though I'm happy when I'm flying
Baby, catch me when I'm falling.

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