Daryl Hall Power of Seduction Lyrics

Artist: Daryl Hall
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Length: 5:50

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My friends don't understand it
They don't know what you've
Got to me
My life is too complicated
And I need, sure need
Some simplicity
Ooh, the love is ever growing
And there has to be a reason why it
Works for me

You know, baby how to move me
What you give to me is elemental
Can't you see
That you take the pain from me
Only you know my fantasies
You make me realize
Girl you know the way of keeping
Love alive

It's the power of seduction
It's the only way to keep me
Hanging on baby
It's the power of seduction
It's the only hope, so baby do
What you want

Just words can't describe it
'Cause there's more to love than
What to say
Hey lately I've been thinking
And that's bad, you know I might
Blow it 'cause of reason

Baby you can never do too much
Only you, you make the senses
All rush
With you, girl I've got to be,
All because you keep alive
The mystery


You made the change in me
Only you know my fantasies
With you I will always be
Living with the passion
And the mystery
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